Virtua Grid

Virtua Projects aid every team of your company to perform the best and serve the clients across the globe.


Virtua Grid is supposed to be the best technology platform for uniting various engineering application softwares across multiple devices. Using our software, it is now become extremely easy to access the software application from any device and any place. The prominent features of our product are greater performance level, flexibility, security, and manageability. Ultimately, it provides the perfect user experience for any workflow.

Best Features

The usage of our product integrates the various CAD and engineering applications in an efficient manner. Having this product installed in your system guarantees the presence of all the resources required to run the applications at any point of time.

Our product serves as the gateway to access 3rd party application information by making use of REST services. You can increase the productivity with the help of our product. The workflow process can be liberated in terms of personal systems, distance, and workstations.

You can also make the data replication to either cloud or private server. Our product helps your team members to collaborate in the real time environment from any place they want and any device they want. This kind of flexible platform has proved to be advantageous to all our clients till now.

In the first place, it helps to extract the information from different applications such as AutoCAD, Civil3D, Revit, Navisworks, vault, and much more. The performance delivered by our product tends to be perfect. However, it can handle any workload varying from professional graphics applications to modern graphics applications.You can configure according to your application environment in the best possible manner. In addition, we will assist you to deploy, set up, and manageour product in a perfect way. However, you can configure your own desktop environment.